Tattoo information and Aftercare

Reverie Tattoo & Art Studio

Aftercare Instructions

Leave bandage on until you can properly clean your tattoo. No longer than 8 hrs.
Wash hands with non­scented soap and water before removing bandage.
Remove bandage and discard. Then work up a lather with soap and water, gently cleaning the area with clean soapy hands. Rinse soap off with clean running water, gently patting the area dry with a clean towel, paper towel or let air dry.
DO NOT submerse the tattoo in pools, hot tubs, lakes, or baths. Tattoo must be fully healed to prevent damage before submersion into water.
Depending on your immune system, tattoos can take 2­5 weeks to heal.
Lightly apply non­scented lotion to the tattoo, once it starts to feel dry. Usually in 1­3 days after initial completion of the tattoo.
Repeat washing 3­4 times per day. Lotion should be applied 4­6 times per day when your skin feels tight/dry, resembling a scab. Remember to moisturize the tattoo but not drown it with lotion, as the area needs to breath.
Flaking and scabbing is normal, do not pick at them (this could cause loss of pigment or scarring). Let flaking and scabbing fall off naturally. Each tattoo varies with scabbing and flaking depending on skin type and location on the body.
Light redness and swelling is normal with tattoos.
Itching will occur, NO scratching. If it is intense wash the tattoo as previously described and apply lotion as needed.
A tattoo is an open wound, if an infection or adverse condition occurs at the location of the tattoo, contact your physician for treatment and report to the Southern Nevada Health District special programs at 702­759­0677

Southern Nevada Health District Number: 702­759­1000

DO NOT take tattoo aftercare advice from anyone except a licensed tattoo artist!!!